Football, food and oh no!

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It didn’t end up the way we hoped, but the game was exciting and close all the way through to the last minute. I am very proud of Aleksei…he showed dedication, good sportsmanship and leadership and always gave all he had whenever he was on the field! He had a great season!

But alas the football season is over which initiates change. Aleksei will now be coming home right after school instead of staying for football practice everyday. That part of it is a nice, welcome change. It is the reality of him being home 2 hours before we usually eat supper that has resulted in me having to shop and cook as though there is a hobbit living with us. No I am not calling the 5’8″, 165 pound boy a hobbit, I am merely suggesting that he eats like one. When he comes home from school he has a snack which for most small families looks like “dinner” and then he has “supper” which is the food he has to share with the rest of us.

I have been trying to make enough of his dinner and/or our supper to leave leftovers that he can take for lunch the next day…but guess what actually happens to said uneaten food? He seems to think that any prepared food sitting in the fridge absolutely needs to be eaten before he goes to bed. Truth be told I love the challenge of keeping my hobbit best boy’s tummy full!

An off topic topic that has recently been a hot topic around the homestead has been driver’s ed.

Gulp, Ugh, say it isn’t so, this can not be happening, I won’t have it, oh crap!

Clearly this is happening…case in point…Aleksei was picked up by his friend to go to hockey practice a few nights ago! Sure his Mom was in the passenger seat…but still!

Oh well as Winston Churchill said, There is nothing wrong with change…if it is in the right direction. And indeed I do believe that Aleksei is going in the right direction!

But Dorothy Parker may have had the right idea when she said “The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires.” 

2 thoughts on “Football, food and oh no!

  1. Great game! St. Paul’s played great. Ryan is still on crutches. The ambulance ride was not the way I wanted to end the game. Take care. It was great to see Aleksei out there. I smiled each time I heard his name

  2. Drivers Ed is great, I let Morgan drive home from our last hockey game, things were going great, we had a Hockey Party that night at the Minarik’s to attend, things couldn’t be better.
    Then Morgan got hungry, well we ” hit ” the Macdonalds drive thur… Morgan was driving, ordered his food, then Hit the Macdonalds Sign, minor damage to my truck but I degress.
    Funny foot note, on the way home he says , ” like you never have hit the sign at the drive thur?” I say , Actual no , never , been there a million times and I have never ever hit the sign.
    Oh well , Drivers Ed is great!!!

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